Originals Neodent

Originals Neodent


Neodent Solutions: technology based on scientific research

Research show that Neodent implants have more than 97% of success rate in longitudinal studies follow-ups (1, 2, 3, 4, 5).

Original prosthetic components and Neodent implants have excellent rates of abutment/implant micrometer adjustment (6, 7).

Studies have demonstrated that prosthetic components of different implant systems have different chemical compositions and physical characteristics, even when they are interchangeable and designated as compatibles(8). You can recommend the use of implants and abutments of the same company to prevent loosening of screws(4).

Mismatches of abutment/implant system should be measured both horizontally and vertically(9).

The Originals exceed the compatibles


Neodent has strict production processes, surface treatment, specifications and technical designs that are confidential, so no company can guarantee similarity or compatibility with Neodent Originals implants or components.

Only with Neodent Original products a dental professional can count on a Lifetime Guarantee*.

With Neodent Original implants and components the following benefits are available:

  • • Great micrometer adjustment (6, 7)
  • • Quality control along with international certifications
  • • Implants with lifetime guarantee*
  • • 10-year warranty on abutments


Comparative study of Neodent implants and originals and compatible components adjustment:

CM implant with Exact abutment Neodent Originals

1 Thicker Titanium screw head.

2 Higher volume of Titanium: tougher intermediary.

3 Implant area in contact with Exact abutment area, without the risk of preventing the Morse effect.

4 Thicker through screw.

Castable UCLA Compatible brand

1 Thin Titanium screw head: more likely to bend.

2 Thin Titanium screw head: more likely to bend.

3 Abutment contact with the implant platform preventing the Morse effect.

4 Thinner through screw: increased risk of mechanical problems.

Ucla Originals Neodent

1 Screw stop/seating with proper angle to the screw format.

2 The contact area between the abutment and the implant is larger, closing the contact.

3 The prosthetic component is always smaller than the implant to prevent mucositis.

Ucla HE Compatible brand

1 Screw stop/seating with little contact area.

2 Inadequate contact area due to the increased clearance between the abutment and the implant. This can result in greater rotational clearance and mechanical problems.

3 Inadequate abutment/implant adjustment, prosthetic component with inadequate horizontal adjustment and possible accumulation of plaque

Lifetime Guarantee*

The purpose of the Neodent Originals program is to ensure the quality and durability of Neodent products. Therefore, dental professionals who use Neodent in their procedures can count on guarantee for each of our solutions.

LIFETIME GUARANTEE Implants Replacement with the same or similar implant and a similar abutment, as required. ______
10 years ______ Metal abutments, not customizable. Replacement with the same or similar metal component.

The guarantee period for the Neodent Originals program, provided above are validonly for products purchased in Instradent distributors / subsidiaries and authorized resellers of Neodent.

*Please see the Neodent Guarantee Policy available at www.neodent.com.br/guarantee-policy-forms/.

The Lifetime Guarantee does not cover Neodent products used in combination with other compatible products/systems.

** This guarantee includes the abutments and Mini Pilar Abutments made of Titanium and is good for the product as shipped, not for any subsequent customization.


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