• 7/8/2016

4th Neodent International Congress Hosted More than Two Thousand Professionals

Neodent celebrates the success of the fourth edition of the Neodent International Congress which was held between the 16th to 18th June in Curitiba, where more than two thousand professional dentists met for the largest congress for the segment in Latin America that follows an intense network of national and international lectures, focussed exclusively on the dissemination of knowledge.

“I am sure that the Neodent International Congress has already consolidated its position as one of the most important events for dental professionals. Again, this year, we boasted a large differential, demonstrating that our Company is young, modern and audacious. And now we would like to leave our clients fully prepared for the next edition of the event which will be held in June 2019. It is our belief that promoting the dissemination of knowledge in the environment of dentistry, the sharing of innovation and listening to what professionals have to say are crucial activities for our further development”, said Matthias Schupp, CEO of Neodent.


Neodent’s CEO, Matthias Schupp, presented new features for 2016, among them the Brand campaign which extends throughout the City of Curitiba, demonstrating and underlining the Company´s principal characteristics. He also spoke about the intense work required in order to keep ahead of the market and the development of new products and services; he also announced the main attraction for the fourth edition of the Neodent International Congress: a show by the band Jota Quest, held at the Company´s factory in Curitiba, the State Capital of Paraná, in order to commemorate this edition of the event.

Another innovation was the launch of a mobile dental unit for the promotion of oral health. The project which has adopted the name of Neo Sorrisos (New Smiles) consists of a tractor unit and two mobile clinics which will pass through the States of Paraná, Santa Catarina, Rio Grande do Sul, Mato Grosso do Sul, Goiás and Bahia, from June to December 2016. The idea for the project launched by Neodent is to make an initial dental assessment in the mobile unit and, for cases that require more specific treatment, Neodent will recommend regional dentists for the ongoing treatment of patients after the Neo Sorrisos project leaves the city.

The intention is to promote health and to educate the populous to the fact that, nowadays, carrying out dental implant treatment will promote self-esteem and quality of life, and that it is also more affordable than many might think. “The support of our clients will be crucial. We created this project not only to bring patients more information on implant treatments but also to bring them closer to dentists, stimulating the local economy of places visited. Our intention is to provide initial care at our mobile unit in order that the patient can continue with their treatment with a local dentist within their city”, said the CEO.

Opening of the Conference

The President of the 4th Neodent International Congress, Dr. Geninho Thomé, also Scientific President and President of the Board of Administrators for Neodent held the opening conference for the event on 16th June with a lecture on “Current Concepts for Clinical Resolutions with Neodent Implants”. During the lecture, attended by over 500 people, Geninho explained new technologies for dental implants and improvements that the Company have developed for the sector.

Geninho also presented news from the Latin American Institute of Research and Dental Education – ILAPEO, an internationally recognised centre of excellence, which prepares professionals on the use of techniques created by Neodent.

Every scientific grade was critically prepared by the President of the 4th Neodent International Congress together with an Organising Committee, composed of such highly regarded specialists as Dr. Sérgio Bernardes, Dr. Carlos Araújo, Dr. Marcos Motta, Dr. Cícero Dinato, Dr. Ivete Sartori and Dr. Ana Cláudia Melo.

Neodent Releases and Straumann

One of the Neodent pre-releases for the event was Neodent Guided Surgery, launched at the start of the year in the United States of America which is scheduled for July in Europe and for September in Brazil. The guided surgery technique is now available for the following Neodent product lines: Titamax, Ex, Drive, Alvim, Facility, and for Cone Morse dental implants, including new surgical kits, guided surgery solutions and planning software.

With advances in computerised tomography, prototyping techniques and software image manipulation besides consolidation of surgical techniques such as immediate loading dental techniques, surgery with osseointegrated dental implants becomes possible with controlled surgical risk and greater predictability as to results both aesthetically and functionally. This pursuit of excellence and optimisation of techniques have resulted in the development of a new restoration solution with dental implants: Neodent Guided Surgery.

Already Straumann has taken advantage of the Neodent Congress to present the Straumann Pure Ceramic®, a ceramic dental implant produced in a unique way that has undergone rigorous individual quality and review processes, in order to reach the market. This product is the result of an exclusive manufacturing process that involves several innovations, including a test that guarantees the quality of each dental implant and which also benefits from an exclusive design: a piece which integrates the implant and the abutment. Additionally, a surface texture has been created for the ceramic that is similar to that used for titanium dental implants in order to accelerate the healing process.

The Market

In addition to an intense exchange of knowledge the Neodent Congress also provided an opportunity for good business for the participants with a trade fair specially aimed at the dental market which included such companies as Art-Dente, CVDENTUS, Dental Aragão, DH Pro, Editora Plena, GVITONIT, Hufriedy, Ilapeo, Implantec, Instrumentar, ITI, Komet, Livraria Tota, Maximus, Nacional Ossos, Neodent, Pretty do Brasil, PHS, Quali Dental, Straumann, Smart Solutions, Talmax, VM Comunicação, and Welfare.

Carefully Prepared Programme

The event was held in six conference rooms simultaneously with 7 international conferences and 58 national lectures, 12 speakers and 4 mediators in round table discussions, 17 speakers and 6 mediators in symposiums, workshops, 30 lectures from experts, and a special comprehensive programme for dental prosthesis technicians, in addition to presentation panels. Among the names of international note who took part where Dr. Jaime Lozada, Dr. John Wibberley Short, Dr. Luis Senís, Dr. Mark Adams, Dr. Ole T. Jensen, Dr. Pedro Franco and Dr. Ronald Jung.