Create new reasons to smile.

In its more than 20 years of history, Neodent contributes to the promotion of thousands of new smiles every day. The proof of this is the important milestone achieved by the company in 2015, when it reached extremely expressive figures for the oral health market, selling, for the first time, 1 million implants in Brazil, becoming the only company of the segment, in the world, to sell this number of implants in a single country.

In 2015, Neodent intensified its international expansion by opening, on the second half of the year, a unit in Bogotá, Colombia, and another in Buenos Aires, Argentina, accomplishing a total of 6 international subsidiaries.

In 2016 the company will continue its expansion process by opening subsidiaries in Chile and in France. In 2017, there are plans to open a subsidiary in Canada. In Brazil, the company has a highly skilled technical support all over the country formed by a professional team of more than 200 business advisors, 17 stores and three distribution centres - a unique structure in the segment, non-existent in other countries.