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Assistance Program for Research Projects

The Research Projects Assistance Program is an incentive offered by Neodent that assists dental surgeons, specialists, and masters or doctorial graduates in dental implants and other related fields, to submit scientific research, assisting such with products manufactured for the sector for the furtherance of their research.

To join the program a research project is required. See the information needed below:

1.    The applicant must be a dental surgeon or a student enrolled on a post-graduate program in oral implantology or another related field course. The applicant must also be oriented by a researcher holding at least a Masters level degree.

2.    The research project submitted to the program must comply with the “Research Projects Preparation Manual”.

3.    Once the project is approved the “Conditional Terms of Donation” form must be filled, signed and forwarded to the program committee.

4.    An annual research report presenting partial results, according to the project timeline proposed, is required.

5.    Present the final research results as an article published in an indexed journal (chosen by the authors). Oral presentations and/or panels submissions should be reported.

6.    Papers must mention the products used on the research as seen on publications: product (manufacturer, city, state and country).

7.    In case of non-compliance the applicant must reimburse Neodent, in today’s value, by the products donated. (see Conditional Agreement of Donation)

The applicant should carefully read the rules. After meeting all the requirements, both the research counselor and the applicant should be qualified to start the project. The violation of the program rules will result in the cancellation of the project support and the return of the products granted in updated values.

Documents to be presented:

Please send the research project and its presentation document to


Files needed for sending Research Projects

Click here to download the files needed to know the rules of our program and make the sending of Research Projects.

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